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Búsuló Juhász restaurant

Wandering in time and space

Healing hermit, sacrificing Celts, dancing witches, breath-taking view

Foreigners coming to visit Hungary gave the name of „Gibraltar of the Danube” to St. Gerardus Hill. The hill mounting from the very heart of Budapest and declared as protected area in 2000 is a 135 m high dolomite mass. Its Easter part – facing the Danube – is steep and rocky, while the Western part descends gently towards Kelenföld-plain and German-valley. From Búsuló Juhasz restaurant and its terraces visitors can enjoy the unforgettable panoramic view of Buda side and if the sky is clear the zigzag features of Sas-hill and the semicircular ring of Buda hills can also be admired.

The tectonic fault line we thank the eruption of the thermal springs of Buda to, runs at the foot of the hill as well.

According to the legend, in St. Ivan cave situated at the southern side of the hill a hermit used to live, who used to cure the sick taken to him with the muddy and hot water of a spring lake used to be at the foot of the hill.

The first inhabitants of St. Gerardus Hill – according to the testimony of the old ages – were the Celts. Finds at their pagan sacrifying places were bases of the legend telling that the hill used to be a scene of witch gatherings and dances. Even witch wanderings „experienced” in different places were named as „wandering for St. Gerardus”...

According to another story, the pagan Hungarians threw Gerardus, the conventing bishop of Csanád county, from the rocky side of the hill into the depth in 1046. The hill received its name on basis of this legend in the 15th century.

Introduction – about us

Our past

The rich and adventurous history of Búsuló Juhász restaurant dates back to 1937, when at the spot of the today restaurant an inn was opened. After almost thirty years rich in visitors had passed until a decision was made on the reconstruction of the old inn.

The bar of Búsuló Juhász restaurant wrote a history in the ’70s, because it was the only night club offering music of that time, which was open to visitors wishing to dance till very dawn.

The year 1992 brought another new and visible turn with it. In consequence of the privatisation the old building was demolished and Búsuló Juhász restaurant was built and the terrace received an additional level, so the complex can now offer seats for 400 guests in the same time. The latest renovation took place in 2003, when the reasturant and the terraces were given new, very elegant design.

Our present

The unique speciality of our restaurant and its terraces is that in the course of eating and drinking their dinner, our guests can enjoy the fascinating panorama of our capital. Looking through the windows or down from the terraces one can feel how the horizon becomes infinite above the green leaves of Buda forests. It is also an unique experience seeing the sun slowly disappearing behind the edges of the hills and after the night falls the distant lights of Buda almost is slowly melting with the starlit sky...

Our restaurant furnished with fine elegance can offer an ideal place for entertaining 130 persons in the same time, while our cosy separate room for 70 and our terraces for 400.

Our master chef has prepared a carefully composed and rich food selection, which can be a guarantee that you can experience unforgettable culinary delights regardless you select a typical Hungarian dish or make you choice from the delicacies of the international cuisine.

The titbits – duck, goose, rabbit, veel, steer foods - prepared in our traditional Hungarian large earthenware oven or in our home smoke-house, and the delicacies roasted on charcoal or lava stones not only enrich the selection of our house but also make it unique. Among our specialities you can find ox-roasting and wide selection of dishes cooked in stew-pot.

The rich selection of the wines prepared by the best wine makers in Hungary can accompany our food specialities. On our custom-designed wine list you can find delicious and unforgettable wines from all the wine regions of Hungary as well as wine curiosities bought at auctions.

We can also offer an unique service for you: if a date has special importance for you, we can get the wine speciality of that very vintage for you!

Meeting our guests’ expectations we can offer electronic or live music accompanying the dinner.


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