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First of all, what is a hostel? The answer to this question is becoming more and more difficult because the definition of hostel is changing all the time. Up until a decade ago hostels offered a unique form of accommodation where rooms had a dormitory style with bunk beds, where guests had to share the bathroom facilities with the other up to 30 guests, where everyone had to be in by midnight according to the curfew and finally where the noise of room mates almost guaranteed many sleepless nights - you probably got the picture.

Hostels have probably been around for over a thousand years as low cost places for travellers to stay somewhere for the night. Today, many hostels are not unlike budget hotels where the only significant difference is the price. For example, many hostels offer private rooms with en suite facilities, smaller dorms for groups of between two and eight or larger dorms where you could share with up to twenty others. As well as the rooms themselves, they offer bars and restaurants, 24-hour opening, self-catering kitchens, Internet accessibility and many other extra facilities. On the other hand, many hostels have remained old school and you do need to maintain an open mind when choosing this form of accommodation. Do not expect luxury because in all but a few cases, you won't get it.

In Hungary several hostels await their guests sometimes with as high quality accommodation and services as hotels or pensions, such as Hostel Marco Polo or Atlas Hotel Budapest . They provide relatively inexpensive accommodation, usually used by younger travellers - these are the so-called "youth hostels".

Staying in a hostel is a great way to meet new people and experience new things and a special atmosphere, which is why these kinds of accommodation appeal to such a diverse range in Hungary as well.
Let us recommend you another cheap accommodation right in the center of Budapest which is extremly popular amoung our visitors: Hotel Medosz .
It is worth trying!


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