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Name of the accommodation: ROMANTIK HOTEL SZIDÓNIA CASTLE

Category: * * * *
Address: Röjtökmuzsaj, Röjtöki u. 37.
City: Röjtökmuzsaj
Reservation phone: +36-1-8012100
Location: Green belt
Main services:
24 hours reception
Non-smoking rooms
Swimming pool
Conference room

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Anyone who visits Romantik Hotel Szidónia Castle will drop into the peculiar world of a slowly forgotten era, taste the mood of the old days and enjoy the comfort of the present. All in the recess of Röjtökmuzsaj. Today what we can promise all our dear Guests is bodily, psychic and intellectual purification, recreation, angelic meals, unique field of force, quietude and fondling.

The Szidonia castle looks back to a history that started in the mid-1700s. At that time - as a chateau - it served as a Nagyerdő (Great Wood) hunting lodge. It was turned into a castle in 1750 in a Romantic-Neoclassic style by the reformer Pál Felsőbüki Nagy.

The small bridge still seen in the park today was given as a present in 1913 to Baron Gusztáv Berg, the owner at the time, by the German industrial tycoon Thyssens family.

If you visit us, you can be in the special world of an age almost forgotten, in fact you can dive into the mood of old times, while enjoying the comforts of this century.
A 7-hectare old-world park provides splendid surroundings for guests to wind down and relax, while getting acquainted with a wellness way of life and methodology that offer harmony.

Main building of the castle hotel
We have 32 rooms that sleep up to 64 people. For children, extra beds and childs beds are provided.

Country house
Located at a distance of 200 m from the main building, the Country house receives guests as of August 2002, and is accessible by taking a pleasant walk across the park. The special 6 double rooms in the Country house are recommended especially when groups of friends, acquaintances and large families decide to stay at our hotel for a longer period.

Delicacies and fine food: we offer a broad range of specialities to all age and weight groups.
Meals are prepared with fresh herbs from the castle vegetable garden.

The large indoor pool is 140cm deep and is filled with 30°C water, providing excellent opportunities for swimming. It has a Jacuzzi and a leisure torrent section.
To all our joy and pleasure, a new playground for our little guests - with a specially for small children built pool - and all sorts of different playing- and amusement-possibilities, is being created. This will be the perfect place for children-sparties! As long as our little ones have their own area to play arround, the adults can relax in peace and quiet.
Kneipp rondella is a foot bath where - controlled by a photocell - cold and hot water alternates to improve metabolism and circulation.
The flower-scent steam bath is of 42-45°C temperature, offering an optimal solution for detoxifying the body and for providing skin and hair care. It has a favourable impact on respiratory organs.
Our bio-sauna is a ´mild´ unit of 55-60°C temperature and high humidity. It boosts circulation and facilitates the detoxifying process.
In the Finnish sauna, which is of 90-100°C temperature, the water poured on the stones contains aromas which help in rehabilitating guests, and this is supplemented with light therapy.
Total loosening up is ensured by our candlelight aroma baths using volatile oil body packs.
Perfect relaxation is ensured in a silent oasis on heated water beds, while you enjoy soft music.
Our massage chairs provide assistance in loosening up stiff muscles and in relaxing nerves.

The price of the room includes:
Buffet-breakfast, use of swimming pool, jacuzzi, biosauna, steam bath with aroma therapy, tea bar. Taxes are excluded.

Cancellation policy

Bookings for 1-6 nights: Reservations may be cancelled 48 hours prior to arrival, otherwise one night of accommodation is to be charged.
Bookings for 7-21 nights: Reservations may be cancelled 3 days prior to arrival, otherwise 2 nights of accommodation are to be charged.
Bookings longer than 21 nights: Reservations may be cancelled 7 days prior to arrival, otherwise 7 nights of accommodation are to be charged.

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